Warlock 2: The Exiled Review

The sequel to the turn-based fantasy game, “Warlock 2: The Exiled” expands on the first game in every single aspect. This game brings a unique mystic spin on the traditional turn-based strategy game to bring an experience that makes it like no other game out there.


  • The game looks beautiful and the presentation is high quality, big improvement over its predecessor.
  • The difficulty is welcomed, new players who want a light breeze through the game can play on Casual and the more experienced players will get a nice amount of challenge on ‘Normal’ and up.

  • Production values have improved tremendously since the first game, graphics are more current and the voice acting is superb.

  • The added planes warping and heroes for hire mechanics keep the game entertaining and always on your feet.


  • Some features/components of the game are unexplained, such as the gods and their backgrounds.

  • Could have used more lore and scenarios/explanations to fully flesh out the world of Ardania and its planes.

  • It’s still heavily focused on warfare with very little deviation on win conditions.


“Warlock 2: The Exiled” has a much more unique take this time around and drifts farther from bring a Civilization clone with some mysticism to a game with its own personality. Thankfully, the developers didn’t fix what wasn’t broken and made it even more addicting to play.

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