Vita 2012 Year In Review: Stop With The Doom & Gloom!


We talk about the Vita’s launch up to the holiday season and discuss why it shouldn’t be all negativity for this awesome device.
Included are discussions about Uncharted: Golden Abyss, Wipeout 2048, Ragnarok Odyssey, Persona 4 Golden, and many more!

Eddie: One more thing I would like to add is that I can see why people aren’t buying it because of the steep price. It’s $50 too much, I think if it was priced at $200 at launch for the Wi-Fi model it would have hit that sweet spot for the consumer.

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11 thoughts on “Vita 2012 Year In Review: Stop With The Doom & Gloom!”

  1. DEAREST blind author,

    Are you still living in the 90′s??…handheld and mobile market is now more congested and diversified than ever. It’s time for Google and Apple to rule the market, STOP pretending they’re not exist or singing the same old’ happy and bright song for sony like in the 90′s. Better get with the times already or butthurt more!

    Epic SMH

    1. Agreed. Only veteran gamers still playing old-school devices. Bizzare enough, even most kids now are choosing tablets (ipads) over old-school handhelds. They don’t really care about physical buttons and exclusive games, they do care more about status, all around device and most current trend that make a niche market for dedicated gaming handhelds. Sorry ps vita is already a dying device, very little chance to bring back consumers. Vita is what PSP supposed to be. A bit too late to survive in tablets era.

          1. It really isn’t. We go over the best and the worst of this year for the Vita but we did say it ended on a strong note with Persona 4 Golden and didn’t deserve the hate that it’s been getting.

      1. Everything has both sides, be it positive or negative. Saying that you don’t need negative news is like saying you don’t need night times. That smells like a fanboy who can’t take any critics. Either positive or negative, it’s a freedom of speech.

        You can’t say stop it unless Sony or you’re some kind of heavenly being who control the universe. You can’t get away from negatives, it’s a law of nature.

        1. We just felt it was very unnecessary, not that it didn’t have faults this year. Again in the video we discuss how there really wasn’t much for it going on between launch and October but now that a slew of good to amazing titles came out we felt it was getting a lot of unnecessary hate this holiday season.

  2. I don’t see Apple and Google in any race until they decide to dedicate their devices to gaming. I hate the garbage games they mostly provide on the App Store. They won’t have any shot in this market until then.

  3. The Vita is Better then I-anything device. The fact is this device has a lot more potential then a we though. The way I look at it as we have console with brands then computers with anything in between. Well look, tablets and iPhones or any android base device is just a PC without the PC. Console has a identity a brand. Do the IPhone has mascots? or any tablet, and angry birds don’t count either. Look at it this way true gamers play on devices like the Gameboy. So the PSV and 3DS is doing well together because they only true portable consoles, anything else is just a small PC.

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