Red Son Skins

Stop Fragmenting Pre-Order DLC!

Red Son Skins

In an effort to boost game sales some publishers/developers choose to include pre-order DLC with their game. Many of this is just an extra weapon, mission, or skin.  There can be multiple pre-order DLC packages across  different retailers  retail or digital, such as GameStop and Steam. However, one game took it too far and that game is “Injustice: Gods Among Us”.

Here’s a list of retailers and different bonuses you get in accordance:

  • Gamestop, EB Games, and Game offer the “Red Son” pack which includes skins from the “Red Son” graphic novel as well as 20 missions from the plotline.
  • Walmart offers the “Arkham City” pack which includes costumes for Batman, Joker, and Catwoman along with a full version download of “Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe”
  • Best Buy and Amazon offer the “Blackest Night” DLC pack which features costumes from the graphic novel and an a zombie mode featuring zombified versions of the characters in the game.

All of the above DLC packs are only offered for the 360 and PS3 versions of the game, meaning absolutely none of them come with the WiiU version of the game (which plays just as good as the other versions mind you). On top of that NetherRealms hasn’t said a word for any DLC on the WiiU version or even released the option to buy a season pass.

Where’s the outcry? No matter which retailer you pick you’re screwed out of a lot of content here. An entire mode, additional missions, a full game, and some awesome skins retain a lot of value for the player who wants to get the most out of a game. Granted I’m not sure if the zombie mode is good but as a comic book reader and critic “Superman: Red Son” is an amazing graphic novel and I would have loved to experience the missions pertaining to the plot.

It also doesn’t help that most pre-order DLC doesn’t even make it into the marketplace, probably because of shenanigan retailer contracts. So unless you’re willing to pay for DLC codes second-hand via Ebay don’t expect to be able to purchase these content packs from PSN or XBL marketplaces.

A unified pre-order DLC is perfectly fine for any publisher/developer to offer because the gamer whose aching to play the game always wins. But, fragmenting the deals only creates a losing situation for the gamer because the person is forced to pay additional money to second-hand owners who could possibly scam them by giving invalid codes for money. Even if it was eventually released to the respective version’s marketplace it still can be seen as a nickel-and-diming approach to generating revenue for the companies.

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