The State Of The Fighting Game Community – December 26th, 2012


For centuries, man has competed on fields attempting to best one another in some form of event. Today, I want to look at the Fighting Game Community, the FGC. Many people reading this have already seen several addresses to the state of the FGC, and know that we’re headed towards a terrible time. I’m going to hopefully doing this in parts, since things are forever more changing, and have some video accompanying, but bear with me for the article portion.

Today, we look at the FGC as one way of truly discovering who the best of the best is. There are no limitations to any event, as far as I’ve seen. No one is turned away, and there is always a constant flow of communication from the pros to the newcomers. We already know these things. But we are looking at a community now that is becoming solely centered on winning. Now, of course the point of any fighting game is to win, but it’s become overhyped.

We are a community, becoming divided because of this target goal.

Let’s take a look at the infamous ECT4 First to 10 with OMGItzAndre and Unknown.

Now, personally, I know I could never, or I should say, it would take a huge progression of skill for me to even come close to beating these two, so me even mentioning this might be a bit out of my grasp. But throughout their bout, there was complete disrespect between these two men. And we’re talking about disrespect on a people level, not on just the gaming level. I’ve been where they are, and trash talking is a staple when it comes to messing with another person’s psyche. It’s the easiest way to rattle someone. But this went on further, and almost came to blows. And the irony of the whole hyped up situation is, the match to 10 WAS SCORED WRONG.

People wanted blood. And that’s not what we made the community out to be.

We’re becoming sore losers, wanting more than just victory. Instead of helping everyone get to a certain level, we’re dividing ourselves between the pros and the average joes, and we’re forcing that boundary to STAY there unless the joes put in an insane amount of work.  It’s become to where just like anything you love, you’ll have to spend a ridiculous amount of time and money before you feel any big result, and even if you win the big one, EVOLUTION(EVO for short), you might still get hated upon by your peers and so called community. We’re out to see the big fish lose, and the little fish get raped, for a sense.

Now, we’ve already learned about divisions between who’s good and who’s not, so how do we help close that gap? Shoryuken and many other websites have already begun making noob friendly guides to attempt to allow anyone who’s anyone to enjoy the fighting game aura. But that literally means nothing if you know all of Cody’s Frame Data and never played the game before. Here’s where the work has to come in as far as a community. We don’t have those SITDOWN AND LETS RUN THROUGH WHY THIS WAS BAD AND WHY THIS WAS GOOD sessions.

We have tournaments.

Bloody, insane tournaments that will leave your head spinning unless you know why you’re there and what  you’re going to do.  But it’s alright. You can get plenty of practice time with a good friend, or someone willing to sit down and work through some stuff with you while training you. That’s the part of the community that should be emphasized, not the hype, controversy, and conspiracies that revolve around the FGC. But we all love a good story, and that’s part of what makes the FGC so interesting. It is ever evolving because someone out there is abusing something and we all want to know how, why, and how to stop it.

So as far as the State of the FGC is concerned now? We’re fine. But we won’t be fine if we keep continuing to believe that it’s more than just a game.

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