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The State Of The Fighting Game Community – Women In The FGC


Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3

¬†What exactly is the woman’s place in our community, if they have one, and what value does that position hold? Perhaps bringing awareness to what women can offer in the FGC will help ease the tension, and also teach some morality when it comes to “What exactly can you say when a woman is present, and how far can you go with the regular insults you’d give a male opponent?”

The interview with the woman who backed out of the Cross Assault tournament.

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2 thoughts on “The State Of The Fighting Game Community – Women In The FGC”

  1. I think you are missing the point of what happens to video games as they become competitive. Who cares what their agenda is? Whatever drives a player to be better is up to them. There are many women teams (especially in FPS games) who are highly competitive and rank high in tournaments. The deeper level is the need for male dominance we have as a result of social standards. More women in the FGC is really adding more fuel to the fire and to be honest, it won’t start making the FGC any less competitive. At the end of the day, it’s all about who is better than the other, regardless of gender, nationality, etc etc.

    Also, realize that the ability to have a co-ed fighting game is a bit jarring when compared to other sports. Just about every sport that is professionally played has a mens and women’s division. Things will patch up over with time. Lessening competition will not solve anything. This isn’t casual gaming.

    Finally, I’m not sure about you analyzing games with expertise. You were exposed by the CCNY crew. xD

    Anyway, good video was good.

    1. I hate you. Lol.

      For your response, I was speaking purely from a person aspect, not the game aspect. I did fail to mention that at the beginning, which is why terms like Humanized and Civilized don’t really matter towards competitive play.

      We do know that it is about who is better, but what I was getting at is this ego contest that actually leads to verbal and physical assault. It’s a game. We as players shouldn’t let it get that far, no matter how much salt is in our veins after a loss. And I don’t mean the regular “Damn you salty, man you suck” verbal abuse, I mean like the stuff that went down with Aris.

      Yes I do realize that, which is why I wanted a mix, because to divide this is like saying women can’t play the game the same way men can, and if we seriously have to divide the vaginas from the penises because the men(or the women) can’t get along or take a few jabs without it escalating, then there’s a serious problem among us.

      FINALLY, GET WRECKED SON YOU HAVE YET TO PLAY ME IN AE(You might beat me, but it ain’t gonna be easy)

      Another note, Brandon barely beats me at MvC anymore(guess I play weird).

      Side note, where do you guys play now a days?

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