Batman: Arkham Origins

Review: Batman – Arkham Origins

Batman: Arkham OriginsDeveloped by WB Montreal instead of Rocksteady, “Batman: Arkham Origins” is a prequel to the two hit Arkham series video games and serves as this year’s Batman title to fill in the two-year trend. Does WB Montreal deliver another great videogame or is the lack of innovation its ultimate undoing?

Developer: WB Games Montreal

Publisher: Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment

Platforms: PC, 360, PS3

Release Date: October 24th, 2013


- Great storytelling from the beginning to the middle of the game.

- Joker steals the show, again, but puts the player in Batman’s shoes and questions whether you would have taken the same actions as he did.


- The city for the most part is largely the same.

- The gadgets are largely the same as before, shouldn’t there be less gadgets?

- The game doesn’t know whether to put Batman’s inexperience in Year One or in Year Three as the game suggests.

- After the halfway point the game feels stretched to make the game longer.

- Both forms of approach to combat situations suck. The invisible predator sections feel much too easy to experienced players and the straight-up combat situations provide button masher gameplay rather than calculated attacks.


“Batman: Arkham Origins” took everything great about Arkham City. Ate it. Regurgitated it and kept what made it great inside its belly. Instead what we got was a bunch of gaming tropes and design issues laid on top of Arkham City’s foundation. The only savior this game had was its narration and even that gave up halfway through.


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