Convo with TBC

Pulling The Plug On Generation Zero


As I said I’m pulling the plug on the website and forums because I think the player-base who have donated as well as the team deserved transparency as to where the money is going, and if it was actually going to where it was promised. Which was in fact paying musicians, artists, server costs, and the team for their work. Not food, alcohol, or RENT.

As for the conversation I mentioned in the video here’s a picture of it:

Convo with TBC


He will most likely still continue game development granted if he still has supporters. I’m just pulling the plug on the website and forums, that is all.

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56 thoughts on “Pulling The Plug On Generation Zero”

  1. Hi guys, I’d like to clarify a few things.

    I gave Eddie $50 for server costs, which he now owes me. Where did that money go?

    Also, I’ve never paid rent with donations, nor did I use it for alcohol.

    On the facebook page, I specifically asked for a donation with the intent to get a pizza that night. I clarified the fact about where that specific donation would go so people know that the specific donation went for a more personal reason.

    I’ve never used any other donations for personal reasons. I was able to pay Roman his $70 for his artwork, you can ask him.
    This in turned helped me pay for my rent since I normally would have had to pay Roman out of pocket.

    So that’s why Eddie said rent.

    Please don’t listen to his slander and know that your donations do go specifically to the game, unless otherwise noted like when I asked for that one donation lol.

    1. I ask for your proof please show us all what you’ve been spending your money on with the paypal account.Show us the amount donated, the amount spent on that pizza, and the amount you have left. Paypal shows all of these transactions and where, it’s in the history. If you do in fact share this information I’ll gladly pay you back the $50.

      All of the $50 went towards the website’s dedicated IP, SSL certificate, and monthly hosting since the gen0 website is hosted under First Drop. It’s understandable that you would want a refund now.

      Also this is the internet we can tell if you photoshopped it or something is wrong with the information presented.

      1. Hell you don’t even have the status about the pizza which contains the comment about you using the PayPal credit card that is linked to the donations.

        Why delete it Mike?

    2. On another note related to the convo picture that I have up:
      Seriously, what guy buys alcohol first knowing that he has little cash and then decides that he wants donation money to get him a good dinner, instead of eating Ramen like he said?
      That’s not acceptable

  2. yeah….it’s sickening to know that die hard committed Pokemon fans might actually be tricked into this scam :(

  3. Between eddie’s lies and midnightstrike’s constant need for validation by sucking up to people slandering others, I won’t get anywhere here while people here only listen to one side.

    You can believe eddie or look at the work I’ve done and the fact that I have apent the donation money used for the game on the game, and will continue to do so. I asked for this one dobation with the I tent to get some pizza. Even the donator himself knows it and told me he is fine with it. I delineated the reason since that one donation was being used for that.

    So whatever happens it’s fine. Get sucked into the drama these children perpetuate or just keep an eye out for gramde progression and updates, the latter of which I will he doing.

    But I’m not going to seep myself in more drama by people with inferiority complexes trying to bring me down. I’m going to work on Gen 0 and produce a quality game as I have been.

    1. Whether you create a finalized version of the game is not the point. You still have yet to prove anything of what you said is true. You still have not proved that I’m wrong. And the fact that you didn’t and still trying to defend yourself means you’re just trying to cover the fact that you did use this money for other purposes.

      Like I said Mike, it’s as simple as showing us the Paypal history. That’s all you have to do to make this entire post invalid. Stop trying to desperately defend yourself when it’s as simple as pressing Print Screen a couple of times on your keyboard and making a collage on Paint.

      1. I’m not going to get into it further because I’m not going to sit here arguing. Especially for the fact that before you even talked to me you decided to block me on every medium and get on the high horse of your “website” to attack and slander me. Pretty cowardly.

        I don’t have to prove anything to you, or anyone else. If you’re ok with yourself for stealing that $50 and not only cutting off a friendship but a good business relationship, that’s your choice.

        I’m going to continue making the game and continue using their donations for the expedition of Gen 0. Including me paying Roman another $40 out of donations this coming week for his work.

        You can take your pride and self-righteousness and choke on it, kid. I’m done with this page and this thread. I’m not going to sit here and fight like kids with you. I’m cutting you off as I did tyler when he tried texting me after the other group’s page shut down.


        Everyone reading this, please don’t pay attention to the drama and bullcrap floating around;. Just keep an eye out on game production as I always update it (unlike eddie is trying to say in his video, saying how I’m not doing anything anymore. I’m sorry working full time and trying to have a semblance of a social life is a terrible thing.) and know your donations are going to the right places :) As I said, you can ask the receivers on the cost.

        I have the Deviantart membership from donations, I paid the thief owning this page $50 and Roman $70 so far, and another $40 this week.

        Thank you all for your support,

        1. So you’re still not going to show us the Paypal history of the donations account which contains all transaction history including the money donated from the public and where its being used?

          Okay then.

          You can say all you want about how you’re using the money but you’re still not PROVING anything to us. You’re not PROVING you’re innocent, you’re saying you are but we don’t know for a fact that you are indeed using this money to where it rightfully belongs.

          It’s not about game development, it’s about principle. If you say you’re using money for certain things then show us.

          As for the social network blocking, I know how you are and that you can be very harassing if someone chooses to go against what you say. Tyler’s story about his time with you is more than enough for me to know that blocking you on every social network medium is a good thing to do and saves me from headaches.

          Goodbye Mike, failing to invalidate this knocks your credibility as a businessman and as a game developer. I hope you know that.

        2. TO MIKE WAKEFIELD (aka TBC of Gen 0)

          You’re done. Legal action can be taken if you accept any more donations. What you’re doing breaches so many copyrights. You are NOTHING. Every day people tell me what a great job I do at reviewing music and video games. They care about what I myself have to say….your “fans”? They just want a game and don’t care about you as a person. If you didn’t have the term “pokemon” attached to your name you wouldn’t even have a fraction of those fans, Face it, you’ve lost this one….KID.

          1. He was accepting donations for food, just like someone on the street accepting donations.. and then giving them a hug, that’s all it is. Calm down.

            1. What you said made no sense at all…those donations were meant for something completely different than what they were used for..if the AVGN said he was accepting donations for his movie (which he is) but then turned around and used it to buy alcohol and pizza, that would be morally and ethically wrong. This is exactly the same thing!

              1. I know this is like a year late but I just got wind of this… If he says he is using it for one thing but uses it for another, that is a legal crime called “embezzlement.” Basically, embezzlement is the act of taking money entrusted to you for one thing then using it for another thing.

    2. Don’t you realize that you’re only burying yourself deeper every time you try to defend yourself without offering real evidence of what you say? Eddie has already given us proof that supports his arguments. Where is yours?

      All of this is about transparency. If you really needed that money to pay bills and eat food, fine, but let your donors know about it; don’t leave them thinking that money is going elsewhere. That is not ethical, and that is the real issue here.

      1. What proof has Eddie given? The conversation shows nothing in his favor. If anything, it shows that he didn’t use the donations as badly as Eddie says. He was complaining about lacking food. IF he bought food with the donations, he wouldn’t lack food.

        Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to defend Mike, because I don’t know what happened either, but I don’t feel as though its right to attack him like that for a few reasons.

        Eddie is constantly referring to Mike’s lack of proof. Eddie doesn’t have proof either, he just made a video. Even if Mike really did buy a meal with donations, he seems to think that he informed donators that he would. Assuming he didn’t, I frankly wouldn’t give a poop. Using 20$ out of donations to feed himself may be dishonest, but in the end it goes toward the game in one way or another.

        So in the end it comes down to what he actually did with the money. There is no way for us to know what happened unless either party gives sufficient proof, which hasn’t happened as of yet. Therefore, nobody has any right to pass judgement on either Eddie or Mikebased on the matter.

              1. Everyone is innocent until proven guilty. Do you have proof that it is a true statement? I didn’t think so. Once you get your hands on some (even though there isn’t any) then I will listen and maybe stop being a fan of what gen 0, but until then I will still be a fan of TBC and his work.

                  1. An “ex-team member” stating something that he has no proof about is not proof. He is probably upset with TBC about something else, and stating that to you is his only way to cope. I don’t see any proof yet. I will continue to be a supporter of TBC and Gen0.
                    Thank you.

                    1. He wasn’t an ex team member until this post got put up because TBC found out.

                      Go ahead be my guest. Continue to be a fan, I made this post out of principle not to try and persuade every person out there to stop supporting . So far he offered nothing to clear his name so my post and proof still stands until he decides to reveal the full transaction history.

                      Good day sir.

        1. lmfao HEY MIKE WHATS UP?! is this you trying to be the “bigger person” here? you’re doing a GREAT job! I’m gonna screencap this now and post it to my twitter, because I feel so honored to be in your thoughts, and that you feel obligated to name your username after me. CHEERS MIKE!! btw you’re a meme now (look up scumbag tbc) and I didn’t even make it!! now THATS funny!

          1. How can I prove that I am not “MIKE”? And how can you prove that you didn’t make a meme about tbc? That’s funny that you think a fan of his (me) would believe a person like you.

  4. Mike,
    I actually just heard about Gen 0 tonight. I’ve just stumbled across all of this.
    As far as defense goes, you don’t have much of one. If you really believed yourself to be innocent, you wouldn’t have deleted evidence and hidden documents. Innocent people go on the offensive; they want to prove their innocence. Guilty people go on the defensive, which you’ve done.

    From what I’ve seen, you don’t have a leg to stand on.

    1. HE’s an ignorant shit. I even tried saying: I really don’t like the artwork, or the artwork doesn’t really tickle my taste, is it possible to disable or at least get a better artwork for the character conversations?”

      You know what he did? He just simply told me to “fuck off in different directions”.

      Then I replied “what an UNPROFESSIONAL reply for an amateur game developer(or at least what he calls himself), then I unliked the page. But before I unliked the page, He even told me that he’d save the trouble for me and ban me from his page. Then deleted the post. What a douchebag

      This is a true story. Please do not support the project anymore, he’s a big headed douchebag and thinks everyone would be running after his “game”.

      1. As I said on your youtube page, he is an ignorant piece of shit. He scams people into paying his rent under the guise of “progress”, when RPG Maker XP and all of it’s components are free to use.

  5. so what iv read the jist of it is. do not trust any of the gen 0 team with your money because all theyre doing is buying booze….or am i missing something?

    was really looking forward to this game as well.

    bookmark deleted

  6. Didn’t he leave the other group because he kept arguing and harassing people? Then threatened to take everything if the others didn’t agree to what he said and follow his demands?
    What happened to the main group anyway? Their page just disappeared one day and I haven’t seen anything about it since. I hope they’re still working on it because their game was looking so much better then Mikes.

    1. Also based on all other accounts of that event, Yes that indeed happened. From what Jake Lupton (the original starter of this whole Gen0 project thing), and Tyler Davis (midnightstrike, he also worked on Mike’s project when it split off) told me, this happened.

    2. I wish his new page just disappear again.

      HE’s an ignorant shit. I even tried saying: I really don’t like the artwork, or the artwork doesn’t really tickle my taste, is it possible to disable or at least get a better artwork for the character conversations?”

      You know what he did? He just simply told me to “fuck off in different directions”.

      Then I replied “what an UNPROFESSIONAL reply for an amateur game developer(or at least what he calls himself), then I unliked the page. But before I unliked the page, He even told me that he’d save the trouble for me and ban me from his page. Then deleted the post. What a douchebag

      This is a true story. Please do not support the project anymore, he’s a big headed douchebag and thinks everyone would be running after his “game”.

  7. Awesome, I hope it kicks off soon then. Will be hard to get back the thousands of fans since nobody knew it was changed to this but I’m sure they will come back once things are in motion again.
    Glad to see people are finally starting to see the real Mike as well then…

    1. I know him in real life, so I’ve seen the real slandering asshole for who he is. He reports anything he can calling him out (he reported Eddie’s video even though there was absolutely nothing TO report. Youtube realized this as well and rejected the report). Also the guy keeps trying to text me through different emails trying to find ones I haven’t blocked yet telling me he “forgives me” and wants me to do the same….what a creep! haha

    2. Tens of Thousands actually. We’re working on it, and should be able to release a public Alpha soon. We’re trying to make it as close to the original games as possible, while still trying to show how the world has aged in Gen 1 compared to Gen 0.


        1. “Sucks you guys got your site pulled!” No, it doesn’t, facebook removed their site for harassment. Maybe next time they should be more careful, eh?

            1. I LOVE how you say “blind fanboys are hilarious ;) ” when you just stated that you assume I am “MIKE”. I’m confused at your retaliation and IQ, I do apologize for being rude. You know me (name withheld at the request of the mentioned -Eddie) we went to the same school. My name is Tyler Huse.

              1. Yeah I remember you, you’re that stoner who kept asking me to buy from you on meetme and I told you a million times I don’t do that stuff. and then you knocked up some girl, what was she 16? That doesn’t make you a very credible source now does it. You just proved to me you were “midnightstrike3625 sucks”, as I was talking to you when I called you a fan, but the other profile when I said it was Mike. Attention people, this is how fans of TBC and Gen 0 fight their battles. Not to mention he got in trouble for giving you alcohol. Again doesn’t exactly help your case. I’m confused at your retaliation and IQ, and but it all makes sense now after you’ve given me your real name.

                Have a good day now sir, and have fun paying off that fine of $143.80 ^_^ Mike hasn’t paid his off yet so you guys are virtually on the same page.

                BYE :)

                1. I love how you threaten legal action and then publicly slander a person, which is also illegal.

                  Don’t give a shit either way, but damn are you immature. And Eddie keeps linking conversations as if they’re proof of anything. It’s so unbelievably easy to photoshop a conversation.

                  Can’t take you seriously when all of the “proof” you posted is nothing but a bunch of possibly photoshopped crap.

                  The other guy could take a picture of the paypal page, use a sourcecode editor, and make it seem like he was given a different amount of money than he actually was. What the fuck kind of proof is that?

  8. look guys! yeah it is unethical to ask for donations, use it on something else, then not show any proof that you didn’t spend it on that. from what I’ve seen so far, you all don’t have much proof either. you shouldn’t accuse people and ask for proof if you don’t have ACTUAL AND CREDIBLE PROOF yourselves.

      1. Okay I just re-watched the video up there and went through the other stuff and I think I get it now. Like what midnightstrike3625 said, legal action can be taken. If this what TBC is doing with the money, take legal action. I’m pretty sure it is illegal to use donations for one thing on something not related and to use donations for something without he givers consent.. Donations to the game development are meant for the GAME DEVELOPMENT SOULY, not for the people to go off and feed themselves or pay for their housing. Couldn’t you get a record of the payments made from the bank yourself. It seems like it is technically a ‘company card’.

  9. So um….Is this Pokemon Genesis still going?

    Oh and from (i guess) a third party stand point cuz i have no idea who anyone is i was just googling new pokemon gba hacks:
    All i can say is that i am dissapointed in Mike, i think saying the truth would have helped him more than denying it…or at least providing proof.

    Eddie, you got solid proof really, since its statements from other people who know him irl(im assuming this).

    ALSO HOW DOES HE HAVE INFORMATION FROMT HE COURT ON HIM?! U some kind of super ace detective? Jk jk :P

    Anyways that is my take, hope the Genesis hack is still being worked on and….well back to google i guess -_-;

  10. I actually think you are all acting like idiots. Sure the principle of the matter is valid, if he used the money on anything that wasn’t stated in the donation request then he is a scumbag. But if he is using it for rent but also working really hard on the game then I’d say that he is using it wisely. But that’s just me, if you have a problem with that then you have a right to it, and it should be disputed with him. And I’d also like to say that I don’t have a problem with your video.

    However, Midnightstrike, when you start slandering people (especially after they come out of anonymity and publicly apologize to you), that put’s you in the wrong too. So what if he tried to sell you weed? So what if he knocked up some stupid chick? I don’t care about that, it’s private business, and it’s NOT part of the arguement. Moreover it makes you look like a high school bully. To quote your video ‘it’s drama I don’t want to deal with’ . You made your point in the video you provided as much reputable proof that you can give, and I applaud you on that but when you start insulting people it hurts YOU, no one else, only you.

    In the end no one has proper proof, and no one can have proof unless this is given to the authorities. I personally do not want to be involved with either of you, and I hope that you realize that you BOTH have done infinitely more damage to yourselves than you have done to each other. You both have put me off this whole project and any future projects you are involved with. I was quite excited when I heard about this project 30 minutes ago. Take note that it has taken 30 mins to put both of you on my avoid list. I know I might be late, but I couldn’t leave here without throwing in my two cents.

    For the record I truly hope that you both resolved this like adults instead of sucking up to people like this is some kind of political war.

    Yours Sincerely
    A would be fan

    1. I love how you comment on an article that is over a year old…Honestly, I couldn’t care any less about what you think of me or my conduct. I’ll still sleep at night knowing one person over the internet doesn’t think I handled things with tact (when in all actuality I did). The entire point of this article and video was to raise awareness of his lies and scams, and to deter people from supporting it. Your answer only supports this cause. Thank you!

  11. This is how I see it.

    I have absolutely no clue as to the truth value behind this situation. I simply have one friend’s word against two friends’ words. Looking at basic probability, it looks like a 67% chance that he did in fact do it. There is room for doubt, but not all too much.

    Psychologically, it goes deeper. I have no reason to believe that the group is targeting the individual, and if they did, they could have removed him from the group (I’m not mentioning his name, because I don’t want to point fingers).

    The consequences of the actions (if they did happen) are huge. It looks like embezzlement and/or a pyramid scheme, that a single individual inflicted on the whole group. It’s simply unprofessional and unethical, and I admire the (to the best of my knowledge) honest and professional response to this action.

    That said, there would probably have been a number of people who would donate to help said individual, and, while I by no means support mooching, I’m sure that if those were particularly troubled times, friends should have stepped in to help a little. If he was constantly relying on these funds, shame on him.

    In all, to the man in question, I say, “God bless.” I am hesitant to point the finger, but I dearly hope the gravity of the situation affects everyone for the better. I will continue to support the game and its developers with my time and my words, if nothing else.

  12. Just quite wining eddie just take mike to court already and sue him. If your that upset take legal action or just grow up and quit the drama.

  13. Even if Mike used some of the money to pay for food that, in my opinion, is going to help make the game (It is pretty hard to work on an empty stomach). Also in the United States Court of Law you are innocent until proven guilty. You have not done so. You have given hearsay statements from an incredible source. Also with the citation that you posted earlier, past crimes cannot be used as evidence of guilt.
    The game looks cool Mike keep up thw good work

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