When Mainstream Rap And Video Games Collide… It’s Not Good


I’m guilty of liking some mainstream rap. Not because it’s good but because some of it hypes me up and puts me in an energetic mood, much in the same way other genres can. However, most popular rap when analyzing the lyrics talk about nothing but drugs, women, and money. So when I heard about French Montana sampling from the song “Sanctuary” from Kingdom Hearts 2 I thought there was no way it could fall into rap’s mainstream trappings .

I was wrong.

French Montana is mostly known for “Pop That” which the main reason why it was popular wasn’t because of his masterful lyrical content but because of the guest verses that appeared on the song. Otherwise he’s simply known as that Bronx Moroccan rapper. None of his (somewhat) popular songs break free from the usual topics or even sound good. His constant slurring of words makes it sound like he has down syndrome with no reason to analyze any further than the surface with his skill.

So without further ado, lets see how much French Montana ruined the amazing song “Sanctuary”:

Oh god. Oh god. Why!


Okay, okay, maybe I’m exaggerating. Maybe it’s not as bad as it sounds. Lets break it down piece by piece.

You know
It’s kinda fucked up but
It’s kinda like you’re born to lose, you know what I mean?
Steady young, get your own nigga
Coke boy

Here French Montana means that as a kid growing up in a rough neighborhood it’s very hard to succeed in life considering it’s so much easier to land in jail or dead. But the lines are so vague I could just be exaggerating this to make it sound deep. Eh, who knows.
He’s also proudly proclaiming that he’s an avid user of cocaine. Because you know, proudly proclaiming your use of illegal narcotics in a song won’t make you less suspicious in front of police.

You already know that
All this money I be staring at
You already know that
All this money I be staring at
All this money I be staring at
Bring your love baby, I’mma bring my shame
Bring the drugs baby, I’mma bring my pain
You already know that
All this money I be staring at
All this money I be staring at”

Usual mainstream rapper hook, he’s telling who I assume is a female that she knows he makes a lot of money. Bring him sex and he’ll pay up (paying a prostitute for sex is considered shameful), bring him drugs and he’ll ease his pain.  No mention of a sanctuary or what exactly is his sanctuary in this case.

I don’t know what’s worse
To never get it
Or get it and lose it
You know what I mean? it’s sanctuary baby
You know they say
It’s the game of life
And you don’t get to play it twice

“You know what I mean? it’s sanctuary baby”


“You know what I mean? It’s sanctuary baby”



You can’t throw in a word like ‘sanctuary’ to try and correlate with the sample without making any sense!

“sanc·tu·ar·y  /ˈsaNG(k)CHo͞oˌerē/ (Noun):
1. A place of refuge or safety.
2. Immunity from arrest.  ”

None of this has to do with creating, living, or visiting a sanctuary in a literal or metaphorical sense! It doesn’t help that you, French Montana, made the sample sound like crap by speeding it up chipmunk style!

What’s worst is you could have actually used the second definition to represent that because you have this famous and rich lifestyle but you didn’t! It’s not like the word is hard to make a connection with! JUUHEARD?!

“Verse 1:
A car, big mansion in the bezel
Tryna make a deal with the devil
I want it all
Born to lose, ain’t it?
Rules in engagement
Glued to the pavement
Sell it all
My first flip was when the needle hit my vein
Lost it all is when the drugs fixed the pain
Pray for me tatted on my neck
Fuck money, I was dying for my respect
I was high getting wet
Was a way of life
Stranded on the block
Fiends buying worth, only thing in sight
Had to pay the light
Mama working 3 job, father leaning, he high
My home boy on the run, he hot

As usual with rappers nowadays he constantly feels the need to reiterate his personal materials that us average Americans can’t afford. He also restates that we born to lose, okay Montana I get it. You’re trying to be deep but vague as possible so we won’t really question your intelligence.

In the second part of the verse Montana tells us how he struggled and had to sell drugs to make ends meet alongside his mother who worked very hard. All the while his father was getting high. His best friend was on the run as well with cops chasing after him.
This would have been a much better verse if Montana actually used proper English and pluralized words. “Mama working 3 job”, ” Fuck money I was dying for my respect”, “Was a way of life”, just come on dude you’re telling me you couldn’t make it rhyme and sound proper with how short each bar is? Clearly you spent a lot of time writing this out.


“Verse 2:
Head shot, didn’t die
God got a plan for you
Bounce back, hit the block
OG got them grams for you
Did it on your own, nobody gave a hand to you
Now you hot, spitting bars, shows 30 grand for you
God protect the child that can hold his own
Almost lost it all for everything he own
Put that on everything
Thought I knew it all but I ain’t know anything
Did it with my dawg, Had to get my weight up
Flip the K’s up
100 round homie lift your braids up
Never put my legs up
I’m working now, it’s working out
They wonder how
Hundred miles running nigga gunning till the sun is out”

In the (thankfully) last verse French Montana tells us that he got shot in the head but managed to survive. I wondered if that actually happened. Then again  rappers always rap about amassing billions of dollars in wealth but never land in the top 10 Forbes list. However, even after this near-death experience he still returns to his drug-dealing lifestyle which rewarded him with a successful job as a rapper.

Still nothing about a sanctuary in any sense of the word as expected. 

Honestly, I’m not surprised about this but I wish I was. I wish for once mainstream rappers would talk about something deep and meaningful and it actually sounding good on the radio. Especially if it contains a sample from a successful video game franchise.

Regardless, if you like French Montana prior to this article you probably really enjoy this song, if not it’s quite possibly the worst video game sampled rap song I have ever heard. Lil B’s “Video Game Master” was much better than this (thank you Based God).

Final Fantasy is the bitch” – Lil B

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