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I interview the Megaman Battle Network: Chrono X team and find out more behind the game like plot points, new gameplay elements being added in, and characters that might just make a comeback. Check out what they had to say!

= Project Manager
Max = Founder of the project, Programmer [MaxRock]
Adam = Project’s Musician [soulred12]
Wira = Lead Graphics Designer [MidniteW]


FDS: With Battle Network 6′s ending why have you guys decided to make a sequel? Just to continue on the Battle Network experience?

Raul: A variety of reasons, actually. I’ll just list a few

1) We feel that the Distant Finale shown at the very end was not properly built-up to, from a character point-of-view.

2) Battle Network 6 — in comparison to the original series finale at Battle Network 3 — was not as satisfying when it came to “This game feels climactic!” We hope to rectify this by introducing cool ideas and concepts.

3) The main reason is simply this: We just want more Battle Network.

I believe that’s it unless another person wants to chime in.

Wira: We just want more Battle Network is my number one answer. If Capcom’s not going to continue, might as well be us, right?

FDS: For the people who don’t know about your project, what is the plot for Chrono X about? Who are the featured antagonists and what trouble has Lan gotten himself into this time?

Raul: For the people that don’t know, we have a section on our website about the story. Plus, people can choose to play through the first chapter. So far, the antagonists people know are Raven and RiffMan.  Lan got himself into deep trouble at the end of the first chapter by trying to save SciLab and in the game’s second chapter, he’ll have to go through even more perils. The second chapter will be available in a few days when Demo 4 is out.

The section on the website mentions something called the “Z Parts” and an “old enemy.” You’ll have to wait and see how that develops.

FDS: What characters will be making a comeback? Any surprises you have in store for us?

Raul: Ms.Madd is returning. Though, her role in particular is inside the spoiler territory. You can also expect the usuals like Mr.Famous and maybe a couple of others. I’m not keen on revealing too many as that ruins the surprise

Adam: Raul, you forgot someone. We’re also bringing back Megaman.EXE ;)

Wira: I know some fans might hate us but we’re going outright say that fan-favorite Mr.Match won’t be returning.

FDS: What I really liked about the BN series was that as the games progressed the stories got darker and Lan really felt like he had the weight of the world on your shoulders and it transferred to the player as well. Does this project do the same? Is it perhaps covering even darker tones?

Raul: Well, Eddie, I can say the story will be just a teensy bit darker than the usual. Nothing that will make you go “Hey! This isn’t Battle Network!,” but still something a tiny bit more serious. Since character development is a focus of mine, I’ll be covering a bit more aspects that will ultimately lead into Battle Network 6′s Distant Finale. Ergo, that’s where it may come from.

Max: Mind you, that most of the BN fans aren’t kids anymore, that’s why we decided to go a bit darker than the previous games.

FDS: In BN3 there were other things you could do such as gambling and exploring and whatnot. Will this project have that same exploration feel as well as incorporating side stuff to do?

Raul: We will have some of those, yes. I have a few nice ideas on hand that will be fun for the player to do and will also be relevant to the post-game scenario.

Max: Gambling and exploring? Of course. That’s one of the parts of the series which  almost everyone loved. (maybe that’s why BN3 is almost everyone’s fav title).

Wira: Not mine though ;D

Max: Plus, the post game scenario will be have  more deep story than what Capcom gave us in BN4 and up.

Adam: And, of course, there will be little mini-game type tasks as parts of some of the dungeons. It won’t all be run and fight.

FDS: Like in BN2 and BN3 Megaman was introduced to a new power-up such as the elemental buster, will we see that in this project?

Raul: Yes, certain Me.M.E.N.T.O.s (our proverbial power-up system) will grant such effects along with many others. Me.M.E.N.T.O.s stands for Merging Modify Enbodiment Navi Transform Operation.  The concept is that MegaMan uses the powers of Navis he has met (as per usual in the 4-6 section of the series), but rather, it is ones that he remembers, rather than making friends with.


Me.M.E.N.T.O.s in action

FDS: Are there any new areas/locale Lan and the crew will be taken to?

Raul: There will be new locations and areas. One of them will be a “center of business.”

FDS: Funny enough, this fan-made project was made using Game Maker. I was quite surprised that it pretty much replicated the Battle Network experience with little to no differences. Were there any obstacles faced with coding this all together?

Max: Well, not really. I also wouldn’t call the programming process hard, but time consuming. I had to spend a quite of time to find a way arround Game Maker’s deficiencies, like for example the “infamous” bad memory management. Overall it is no different from coding a game with some more advanced programming languages. If a programmer know what he is doing, the tools will never limit him.

FDS: Wira, was it hard coming up with new original designs for characters in the game? What are some of your favorites?

Wira: Actually I didn’t have much of a chance to come up with original designs for Chapter 1 and 2. I just love BN’s art style that my style is a bit similar to it and I just try to add my own twist to them. Whenever I try to think of something, the Official Complete Works is never too far from my reach.

As far being some of my favorites… Christopher from the Ringers is my favorite as far as my designs go since I just went a bit weird with him. But another designer’s work, I would say the Windboom virus since I probably wouldn’t have thought up of something like that.

FDS: (Adam) How did you come up with the music for this fan-made project without stepping out of tune and drifting too far from the source material?

Adam: Well, the music’s been redone a couple times. Fans liked the first few versions of the OST, but the team thought it could sound a bit more like music on the GBA. So I can’t say I didn’t drift a bit from the source material to begin with.

By the way, when I say “sound a bit more like music on the GBA,” I’m referring to the instruments. Right now, I reworked the tracks (as well as wrote new tracks for the new demo) in instrument samples taken straight from Battle Network 3, so it was a bit easier to make the music (old and new) sound appropriate.

As for the arrangements, well, it was really about taking what was in my head and altering it to sound a bit more like what the official composers did in the official games.

Dark Megaman’s Battle Theme

FDS: What programs did you use when creating these tracks?

Adam: Garageband on a Mac is my main work station. As for the BN3 instrument soundfont, our programmer Max acquired some samples and I put them together using Viena.

FDS: Favorite Megaman games?

Raul: BN3, MM3-5, MMZ3, and that’s about it for immediate favorites.

Adam: Battle network timeline: Battle Network 3 and 5, tied. Classic timeline: Megaman X5 and Zero 3.


Raul: Speaking of Zero

Wira: I guess I’ll go with multiple games too. MM3, MMBN2, MMBN4 and MMZX

Max: Hmm, BN3, EXE 4.5, Classic 6, Zero 2 and X1 are my faves

You can follow MMBN:CX updates on their website and Facebook page.

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  1. I love Megaman Battle Network!! I had every single one when I was a kid and played the crap out of all of them. 2 and 3 were my favs, 4 was a HUGE disappointment, 5 was eh, and 6 was decent. These games were the first games to motivate me to want to collect everything there was to offer and find all the secrets! I only play 1-3 now, but nevertheless these games bring back fond memories for me :)

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