What I Want To See In A “Game of Thrones” Game


Ahh “Game of Thrones”, my favorite TV show as of late surpassing True Blood (stop laughing) since their horrible fifth season. Thankfully HBO has continued to renew the show for a third and most likely fourth, fifth, and six season until George R.R. Martin finally decided to finish the damn book series. With the third season coming up I thought it was time to discuss what I would love and surely some of you would like to see in a “Game of Thrones” game.

Actors Reprising Their Roles In The Video Game


Although the “Game of Thrones” RPG had many actors from the show reprise their roles in the game many key actors, most notably the Queen, did not (who was doing ‘eh’ movies at the time). It wouldn’t break immersion if it wasn’t for the fact that the voice actors who replaced these key characters did cheap imitations.

Turn-Based Strategy To Really Feel The Battle Of The Seven Kings


A lot of the show is a back and forth between every House fighting for the place of King (or in the Lannister’s case: keeping it). So to really feel this amazing scenario I think it would be best suited for turn-based gameplay, in the vein of “Crusader Kings 2″ of course (there’s a mod but it’s not up to snuff yet). The strategy and tactics involved would be amazing to play out turn by turn.

All-Out Combat Like “Mount & Blade”


Just think, reliving the Battle of Blackwater Bay with an all-out battle scenario seen in games like Mount & Blade with customization mechanics for your entire army prior to battle. Epic, to say the least. Especially if you combine it with the aesthetics of games like “Chivalry: Medieval Warfare”.

Give It To A Talented Developer


This was my main issue for the previous two “Game of Thrones” games. The IP wasn’t given to a studio like BioWare but instead to Cyanide, who are simply too inexperienced as game developers to really crank out a great game with the high production values as the TV show the game is based on. Hell I’d be ecstatic if the IP was given to CD Projekt Red, of ‘Witcher’ fame. They know how to create a great game with great storytelling involved.

To be honest I don’t have any hope for a great Game of Thrones game to come from Cyanide or any studio HBO gives it to because I doubt the fact that they would make dreams come true. Stuff like this is what people wish for and businesses aren’t known for listening to consumers. That’s why most adaptation games suck.

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      1. I actually agree with John(Except I do love the show). The TV show lacks the detail and depth of the books. The Battle of the Blackwater is 100 times more epic in the books.

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