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Issues 1-4 Art

Comics: The Auteur #1 – 4

Auteur is competently off its rocker. The word unique doesn’t even begin to describe the level of insanity in this comic, but it’s a start. Grotesque, and appalling would also suit this story well, however, that’s not to say it’s a bad comic. Auteur is radically different from your typical narrative, but that’s just what might […]

I Was The Cat

Comics: I Was The Cat

No costumed heroes or super-powered mutants, just a talking cat with a lot to say. Written by Paul Tobin, I was the Cat is a unique and compelling story for anyone who enjoys a healthy dose of history, and mischievous talking animals. But don’t think this story pussy-foots around when it comes to action, because


Comics: The Bunker #1

As the post-apocalypse genre gets more and more overcrowded with uninspired attempts at making a decent comic book, authors and artists alike are becoming hard-pressed to create something worth reading while doing the genre justice. The Bunker from Joshua Hale Fialkov and Joe Infurnari does this and more in just the first issue.

Superior Spider-Man

Celebrating The Superior Spider-Man

One of the greatest ideas of the Marvel Universe came into fruition near the tail end of 2012. Otto Octavius successfully took over the mind and body of Peter Parker with only having the curse of bearing Peter Parker’s memories, becoming the ‘new’ Spider-Man and vowing to the be the superior one. The first nine […]